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Xin bohai source introduction

Anpingxian xin bohai source wire mesh products co., LTD
Advanced technology

The registered capital5888Ten thousand yuan。Wire drawing equipment50Taiwan;Stone cage net machine30Taiwan;Form a complete set of equipment100The table above,Daily production stone cage net50000Square meters of production capacity。

International cooperation

Domestic products of big domestic rivers and mountains area,Exports are exported to the United States、Germany、Canada、Southeast Asia、The Middle East、Africa and other countries。

Intimate after-sales

Service personnel365Day online throughout the day,8Hours in place,Rapid processing,Service personnel one-on-one service,With innovative technology to win the thumb up。

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One-stop solution200More than one generation equipment

For the stone cage nets industry xin source of bohai accumulated enough equipment and solutions,To meet the needs of various industries!

Process flow diagram
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