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Hebi YuanHao new material co., LTD. Is a small rubber additives varieties of professional manufacturers,With hebi YuanHao chemical co., LTD、Hebi lian son chemical co., LTD. Two production base,Products covered by rubber fertilizer improver、Protective agent、Vulcanizing agent series products40More than one,Rubber fertilizer varieties of small volume in the world。

Chinese company brand “YuanHao brand”、English brand“UHOO”,Products are now widely used in rubber additives dispersed、Rubber and plastic foam insulation materials、Automotive rubber products、Wire and cable、Latex、Shoes material、Hose tape、Conveyor belt、Used in rubber non-tire rubber industry, etc。Product is ultimately supplies to the international tyres50Several strong rubber giant,Domestic nearly1/3More famous rubber company has become a strategic partner hebi united's son,Especially the company in recent years, new environmental protection rubber additives,To promote the industry upgrading of product has played a positive role。

Companies adhere to the market as the guidance、Customer demand as the center,Adhering to the priority of science and technology development strategy,Adhere to independent innovation,Dedicated to the research and development of new environmental protection rubber auxiliaries and process optimization of traditional products。Has been successfully developed environment-friendly rubber fertilizer productsZBEC、TIBTD、TBzTD、DDTS、TIBTM、MTT、SBEC、ZBPD、ZDTP、UH000000-00-0-0-0-000And so on20A variety of,The types of environmentally friendly products in the industry。

Companies in the market and technology development led by itself,Maintained in recent years20%Above average growth。In order to keep the momentum,Company also contributive establish party activity room and training room,Give full play to party members in the company take the lead in the model,For the good service to our clients。As for the sustainable development in the industry、One of the advocates and practitioners of green development,The company has always been to green,Safety production,To ensure the quality,The concept of energy conservation and emissions reduction through the whole process,The four indicators linked to the full,Ensure that corporate strategic objectives。Under the guidance of chairman Zhang Zhiliang,A professional high-tech company, a beautiful environment is the rubber industry provide the services in the world。In order to ensure the future5In the realization of strategic goals,YuanHao will with international vision,Modern management at the same time of meet the demand of domestic and international numerous rubber products enterprises,Actively explore rubber products industry in the international high-end market。

Looking to the future,YuanHao will focus on rubber additives industry in the spirit of professional artisans,In the service of rubber industry, with all my heart,In order to promote the prosperity of rubber industry progress contributes an own strength!

Hebi united's son chemical co., LTD

●Company introduction

Hebi lian son chemical co., LTD. Was established in1996Years,Cover an area of an area86000Square meters,High and new technology enterprise。The company is located in henan hebi city national economic and technological development zone,Is a collection research and development、Production、Sales and service in a body,Is a professional rubber additives small varieties of science and technology enterprises。

The company2003Years passedISO9001Certification,2aa000Years passedISO1澳门正规博彩公司网站1AndOHSAS180001Certification。Companies actively promote rubber additives industry standardization work,The main drafting and participating in drafting13The preparation of a rubber additives industry standards,IncludingZDEC、ZDBC、ZBEC、TDEC、TMTM、TIBTD、DPTH、 ZMBT、MBI、MMBIAnd so on。
United have exposure to the market as the guidance、Customer as the center,Adhering to the strategy of priority to the development of science and technology,Adhere to independent innovation。Specialized research fund for the investment research and development center,Built in multiple research laboratory,Equipped with advanced research and development test and precision test equipment。2013Years passed the henan province enterprise technology center,2015Years passed the non-tire kind of rubber additives in henan province engineering technology research center。In recent years,United's son chemical industry based on the environment-friendly enterprises,In promoting enterprises of clean production at the same time,Continuous research and development to launch environment-friendly rubber additives。

●Company location
1)Adhere to develop environmental protection rubber additives small varieties
2)Gradually to new product research and development、Pilot,Products deep processing base
3)Focus on product application performance in the rubber

Hebi YuanHao chemical co., LTD

●Company introduction

Hebi YuanHao chemical co., LTD. Was established2014Years,Is located in the provincial chemical industrial park—Henan hebi city JiJiaShan industrial park,Cover an area of an area106000㎡,Rubber fertilizer varieties of small annual production capacity of reach25000Tons,The total investment2Hundred million yuan,Production of products with a rubber tire additives additives small varieties and environmental protection products。
●Company location
Insist on development、Production of rubber additives varieties and environmentally friendly products

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